Middle School

Our students consistently score high on the exams required by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education for graduation from sixth grade.

All students are required to wear uniforms at International Christian School and the different colors of shirts designate which group each student is in. Seventh and eighth graders proudly wear teal green shirts, have lockers assigned to them personally and change classes throughout the day. These students are challenged by English, creative writing, science, mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra 1, history and Spanish classes and enjoy electives such as guitar, art, computer, typing and teacher's aide. Their curriculum includes physical education, chapel and Bible.

Students develop their critical organizational skills through oral and written reports and explore the vast natural science laboratory which our school location provides. They are encouraged to consider the needs of others through the school-wide participation in toy collection at Christmas time and our voluntary support of an orphanage in Nicaragua.

Students who maintain satisfactory grades and conduct are eligible to participate in competitive sports such as volleyball, soccer and basketball which practice after school. At all levels of education teachers, parents and students are encouraged to communicate with one another in order to provide the best education possible for each of the students.

Our Christian-based curriculum is comparable to most English private, college- preparatory schools and has the additional objective to develop in each student a maximum proficiency in Spanish.

Our students are required to successfully complete four years of English, science, mathematics, history and Spanish. They have the additional opportunity to prepare for an examination which when passed will award them with a diploma recognized by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education